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Art classes are offered at Nasra for all academic levels, starting at Junior Prep (Pre-Primary) through Secondary. Visual art media encompass all forms of 2D art (i.e. drawings, colorings, paintings) as well as 3D form (paper mâché projects, clay pottery, sculptures, etc.) and serve to exercise the creative right hemisphere of the brain. When given a chance to express their artistic side, our students produce astonishing work, displaying grave attention to fine detail and boundless creativity.  



We expose our students to an array of literary art forms starting at the Primary level.  Creative writing (which encompasses English essays, short stories, poems, and reading novels assigned in English literature) is compulsory, while taking part in competitive literary events is voluntary. ETNS holds an annual Poetry Elocution contest and several Urdu/ English debates (notably the Nargis Farooq English Debate) as well as participating in the globally renowned, International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC) and exciting Inter-house and inter-school spelling bees, i.e. Dawn Spelling Bee.  By rigorously focusing on the development of English writing skills along with oral articulation prowess, we ensure that our students are equipped with the best possible tools they will need to think clearly, write concisely, and speak eloquently- attributes that are essential for self-sufficiency in the 21st century.  As a testament to our high literary standards, several of our capable graduates have pursued degrees in communication and journalism to attain national recognition. 

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Performance Arts at Nasra School include prepared dances and skits to be performed at school drama festivals and cultural events. This ultimate form of creative expression allows students of all ages the opportunity to integrate movement, rhythm, and acting in synchronicity with one another, often with spell-binding results. Highly enjoyable for all audiences, we regularly schedule talent shows and fun "melas" and watch our students light up the stage with magic. 

Please see our facebook page for recent updates pertaining to individual student performances for special events at each of our school campuses.

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Music, the universal language understood by all, is everywhere at Nasra School- in our classrooms, in our halls, and on stage.  Forming a fundamental element of both pre-primary as well as primary education at ETNS, we host music and singing classes led by a trained teacher adept with the keyboard, and offer several instruments for students to play including drums, maraca (shakers), and organ.  Our pre-primary and primary students participate in an annual concert, while our talented secondary and higher secondary students voluntarily perform at school events, talent shows, and Milad gatherings,  impressing us with their vocal capabilities.  

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