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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The Nasra Family is immensely pleased to disclose that our Higher Secondary Coordinator of all Nasra Schools, Nusrat Zaidi has achieved an awe-inspiring 50 years of devoted service to ETNS in Sept. 2019, the longest tenure of any faculty member of the Nasra Family. (Previously, the record for the longest tenure at ETNS was held by Aunty Razia, who dedicated 49 years of service.)

Ms. Nusrat Zaidi joined Nasra School on Sept. 1st, 1969 and has taken a plethora of teaching, leadership, and mentorship roles ever since. She has worked as an Academic Coordinator for all Primary and Secondary Nasra Schools since 2007, and as Head of Nasra Secondary (Morning) Main Campus for over 27 years. As a testament to Nusrat's commitment to academic excellence, Nasra students have consistently attained high national positions in board examinations, as well as winning the Inter-Nasra English Debate Competition for 11 consecutive years- an undoubtedly impressive feat.

(Please see the Core Team page, Academic Coordinator section to read more details about Ms. Nusrat Zaidi's professional qualifications and accomplishments.)

Needless to say, the entire Nasra Team is overwhelmed with pride and gratitude, for the dedicated, loyal services and tireless contributions made by Ms. Nusrat over the past half-century. The achievement of this milestone, further chronicling ETNS history will certainly be cherished forevermore.



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