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Constituting the most fundamental component of the Nasra family, our inspirational heroes, idols and unielding backbone, the assiduous teachers of ETNS are the true drivers of student success. With over 550 teaching faculty (of which nearly 90% are female), we like to keep our teacher:student ratio as small as economically possible, especially during the foundational pre-primary and primary years, to ensure individualized attention and  close monitoring of student progress in all areas.  


In order to improve the teaching skills and knowledge base of our Primary and Secondary teachers, we periodically conduct teacher training programs for their professional development. Throughout the year many teacher trainings are held on various subjects depending on the need/requirement. ETNS hosts a CPD session every Saturday for teaching faculty at their respective campuses. Our teachers are generally employed from the surrounding area of the schools and require professional development trainings to improve their pedagogical skills which ultimately benefits the students. In 2018, a Grade 5 student from the Nasra School Malir campus, Ayan Nadeem, secured 3rd position from all over Pakistan and 1st position from all over Sindh in Maths at the 14th Annual Inter School Maths Olymiad organized by the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges. More than 18,000 students from over 60 schools in Karachi participated in the competition. This is a clear example of the unfaltering diligence of the teachers in unearthing and honing the outstanding hidden talent amongst the students of Nasra School. 


At ETNS, we strongly believe that professional development is a long term investment in human resources and should be an on-going process. Due to lack of funds, we often use a subject expert or an in-house trainer from our own school to conduct the trainings. Other times, when we receive a donation and can afford to, we employ an outside expert for more advanced and special skill trainings.  We also partner with reputable organizations such as AKU-EB, OUP & Paramount,  Afaq Sons for teacher training workshops.


In order to continue with our mission and facilitate our teachers to strengthen their curriculum and broaden their skillset,  we depend on the financial support of our donors.  If you would like to contribute to the cause of Continuous Professional Development, please click below. 

ETNS Teacher Training Session
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