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    Her association with well-known political and social worker, Amna Asif Ali, led to a lifelong affinity for social work and dedication to humanitarian causes, an inherent attribute which proved crucial to a newly-formed, post-partition Pakistan, in dire need of educated volunteers and activists to help establish various parts of its primitive social system. In Sept. 1959, Kaniz Wajid travelled to Pittsburg, USA in order to observe and learn the best ways to implement progress in the sorely lacking educational and health sectors of Pakistan. Her contributions to several NGOs along with the establishment of rudimentary schools to improve literacy rates of the impoverished, and hygiene-promoting childcare initiatives in war-ravaged, desolate, rural villages are well documented. Believing in the power of education to transform lives and shape a country, she eventually joined the cause of Education Trust Nasra School (formerly known as Froebel Education Society), and became instrumental in its growth and expansion across the city of Karachi. While Nasra Wazir Ali dealt with the academic and administrative concerns on a daily basis, Kaniz Wajid scoured the city for strategically placed locations with sufficient acreage and gathered the required capital to construct four additional ETNS campuses. The Korangi campus was built under her supervision in 1992, followed by two more campuses housed in densely-populated, low-income areas within a span of two decades. United by the mission of providing quality education to the deserving but disenfranchised children of society, both ladies forged a lifelong friendship, aligning forces and priorities to overcome many obstacles in their arduous journey with dignified perseverance, wisdom and unfaltering commitment. Kaniz Wajid Khan actively held the title of Chairperson of the Board from 1976-1980, and Trustee from 1980 onwards. She later served as an advisor to the current Board of ETNS Trustees and moved to her family home after residing at the ETNS Korangi Campus for several years. Till her last days, she enjoyed attending school events and festivities, surrounded by faculty, friends and students, honoring the memory and life accomplishments of her beloved friend, Nasra Wazir Ali (S.I.). Though she departed in 2021, her endless contributions to Nasra School will never be forgotten. She will be celebrated as a woman of purpose, wisdom and accomplishment- a legendary pillar in Pakistan's charitable educational community. To see more accomplishments of Kaniz Wajid Khan's early career as a pioneer social worker of Pakistan, please watch our typography video below.
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