Frequently asked questions

Does this school follow the Matric or O'Level System?

ETNS follows the Matric System.

Is this a Primary or Secondary School?

Our curriculum encompasses Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary academic levels. Pre-Primary includes Nursery, Junior Prep and Senior Prep. Primary includes Classes 1 - 5; Secondary includes Classes 6 - 10; and Higher Secondary comprises of Classes 11 and 12. Please check our Academic Page for more details.

Where are your campuses located?

There are 5 Nasra School campuses in the following areas of Karachi: Saddar (main); Malir; Korangi; North Karachi and Super Highway. Please see our contact page for specific information regarding addresses and phone numbers of each campus.

What are the fees?

Fees vary from campus to campus. The admission fee is Rs 5,000. Please call the prospective campus of your choice for an exact quotation.

What makes you different from other schools?

At Nasra School, we pride ourselves on the outstanding curriculum and extra-curricular activities we provide to all of our students, starting at the Pre-Primary level, because we believe in educating the whole child- mentally, physically, morally, as well as socially and spiritually. This holistic approach to attain the ideal level of "Balanced Excellence" has been a part of Nasra philosophy since the school was started in 1949, and ultimately serves to set our students apart from those who are educated according to traditional, mainstream curriculum. Please visit the About page for more details on our Holistic Approach.

What are the school timings?

We have 2 shifts at each of our 5 campuses, a Morning and an Afternoon Shift. The timings are as follows: Morning Shift: 7:30 am - 12:30 pm Afternoon Shift: 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

What is the admission criteria?

Students applying to Nasra School will be grouped according to age eligibilty requirements. Along with submitting the Admission Application Form inclusive of all the necessary documentation, Nasra School holds an Entry Test (for those applying for Primary Section and above) as well as an interview session. Please visit our Admissions Process Page for more details.

What is the age requirement for Pre-Primary applicants?

At ETNS, we divide our Pre-Primary sections based on the following age groups: Nursery: 2.5 - 3.5 years Junior Prep: 3.5 - 4.5 years Senior Prep: 4.5 - 5.5 years Students above 5.5 years rightly belong in Class 1, Primary education.

Which curricula do you offer?

For our Secondary and Higher Secondary academic levels, we offer 2 streams of education: Karachi Examination Board and Aga Khan University Examination Board.

Does the school provide curriculum text books?

Yes, they are available for purchase at each campus, at prices lower than market value.

Does the school provide transport?

At this time, Nasra School does not provide student transport.

How qualified is the teaching faculty?

The minimum degree required for teaching at ETNS is an Intermediate diploma, but a Bachelor's degree (which most of our faculty have attained) is preferable.

Does the school offer extracurricular activities?

Nasra School has a wide range of exciting cocurricular activities for students to participate in, including competitve sports (cricket, table tennis, throwball, Karachi olympics, karate, archery, etc) as well as Urdu/English debates, poetry, spelling competitions, drama, dance and music performances. We also encourage community service initiatives to raise awareness and ecoconsciousness of our young students. Please visit our Sports and Student Life sections to gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to delivering overall educational, physical and moral excellence.

Does ETNS provide financial aid in the form of student loans, scholarships, and sponsorships?

Yes. We provide a range of scholarships based on student need and merit. Approximately 10% of our students are on a full scholarship. Please see the scholarships page for more details.

Does ETNS provide career counseling?

Yes. We do our best to provide career guidance to students based on their individual skills, talents, interests and academic performace, as well as the scope / demand of their desired career in the near future.

Are Oxford books used in the school?

Yes, most of the books are from Oxford.